* Messages for package kde-plasma/plasma-meta-5.16.5:
* An existing installation of sys-auth/elogind was detected even though
* plasma-meta was configured with USE consolekit instead of elogind.
* There can only be one session manager at runtime, otherwise random issues
* may occur. Please make sure USE elogind is nowhere enabled in make.conf
* or package.use and remove sys-auth/elogind before raising bugs.
* For more information, visit wiki.gentoo.org/wiki/KDE

2 login manager consolekit ad elogind. This conflict cant enable reboot and shutdown. Thie erorr is made when developer update opent-rc.
I suspect thet this error burn my monitor and GPU.

Shutdown and Rebbot don work from menu. Command: shudown -r now and shutdown -h now dont work. what is problem.

When I installed the new plasma version 5.16.5 the thermal monitor stopped working. Asked for help in the forum, no help. I do not understand dod update started with teamviewer and some program stops working and in other linux works. As the developers make a new version of Plasma then the program update goes, I don't notice it here, some of the program and nothing more. Calculate is the RR distribution

My friend put on a new Calculate XFCE machine, the same problem: cl-console-gui and cl-console-gui-update are not working. Teamviewer has not worked for me at CLD and at XFCE for years. I do the updates and my friend always clean the installation.

I cant find this file
locate python-exec2c
/usr/bin/python-exec2c -> this file not exist or have another name

??????? Mixed salat

cl-update --scan
cannot import name PyOpenSSLSocket

yesterday update CLD. Now:cl-console-gui-update
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "/usr/bin/cl-console-gui-update", line 109, in <module>
File "/usr/bin/cl-console-gui-update", line 21, in main
from calculate.consolegui.application.ConnectionTabs import (ToolTabWidget,.........

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@phone Ура! Наконец-то купил Xiaomi mi a2 lite. Готов к прошиванию и помощью проекту!

Termal monitor widget stop work after update Calculate KDE.

What's happening? 3 days no active bin update server
* Running !-hooks
* Running /usr/sbin/cl-core --method update --sync-only --skip-eix-update
Repositories synchronization
* Searching new binhost ...
* Failed to find the server with appropriate updates

@lautre Grub does not see linux distribution on btrfs fajl system. Grub only see linux distribution on ext4. Only Manjaro see all didtribution.

На рисунке показана файловая система btrfs. Я не на btrfs, а на ext4, но Calculate не находит, что есть другие linux с файловой системой btrfs, он только определяет распределение на ext4. Сколько я читаю файловой системы btrfs прервано

part 2
Sometime earlier, the head of the anesthesia and intensive care unit of the Clinical and Hospital Center in Mitrovica, Dr Milena Cvetkovic, said that the Russian diplomat is still out of danger due to the nature of the injuries and will be transferred to a tertiary institution.
Putin hesitates, Russia loses the credibility of a serious military force. One cruise missile in the Rose building would have shaken Shiptara, and the others would put a finger on the whole.

UNMIK official Mikhail Krasnoschenkov, who was beaten and detained after a brutal action by specialists sent by the administration in Pristina to the north of KiM, was dispatched from the Clinical and Hospital Center in Kosovska Mitrovica to Belgrade about 13 hours today.
Krasnopsen is in the ambulance vehicle of UNMIK, accompanied by a medical team, vehicles and staff of the international organization.

"Ruski državaljnin se nalazi u bolnici i ima povrede", saopštio je Unmik za rusku agenciju Tas.

Slap to Russia!
Russian citizen Mikhail Krasnoschenko - a UNMIK administration worker beaten and arrested today in the Kosovo Special Forces in Zubin Potok. The Siptar Special Police (Army) attacked the north of Kosovo and arrested the Serbs, all Americans approving them. If it had happened to an American, a missile cruiser would immediately flee, and a building was destroyed and killed Shiptars

This is for Ginis, 6 years the same problem. forums.gentoo.org/viewtopic-p-
Posted: Sun May 05, 2013 1:39 pm Post subject: dev-libs/icu and Libreoffice-bin emerge conflict😯

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