Lost power for twelve hours this weekend. Still had plenty of heat to last the night. Made for a fantastic night in. Winter storms are awesome.

Dear Lazyweb/Fediverse, I'm on the lookout for a Ryzen-based laptop. I plan to run linux with bleeding-edge kernel/libdrm/mesa[ACO] on top of either Calculate or CloverOS. Any recommendations for good Ryzen-based laptops?

The hardcore game collectors are turning against Google Stadia. t.co/1Thg3oJLxc

I notice that when I have a social life I don't have time to get around to updating my server.

the tetris building is undergoing repairs... hope they don't accidentally erase any floors.

the fediverse has been so toxic the last couple of days that a significant portion of my timeline is people melting down.

good job fediverse!
all of bonzi buddy's listed malware features are now built into windows for your convenience

New York Times: The master recordings of every artist that you love were destroyed in a fire and hidden from view for more than a decade, preventing them from being recovered. It was the biggest disaster in music history.

Random Hacker News commenter: t.co/GbLViRzAJ4

@lautre what kind of favors are required to get you guys to build snd-aloop as a module in sys-kernel/calculate-sources going forward? it would make life a lot easier for those of us wanting alsa loopback for our jack2 installs in calculate.

The new kids have to learn how to get along with those they don't like. This is a sign that the old generation of free software developers haven't left yet. This is a good thing.


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