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:calculate: The night buils of Calculate Linux include sys-power/acpid. This is designed to enable suspend mode when the laptop cover is closed while the user is not on the session or when the session is locked, thus allowing you to put your computer to sleep whatever its operation status.
You can modify this behavior in /etc/conf.d/acpid.

:calculate: Try out now:

Calculate Linux Dekstop
version: 20 as MATE, CINNAMON, XFCE and KDE

Test it before you hate it...

:calculate: Meet Calculate Linux 20 !

For this new (year) release, Gentoo 17.1 was used as the base profile, all binary packages recompiled with GCC 9.2, and overlays managed with eselect. Calculate Linux will no longer come in 32 bits.

Feel free to share your Calculate Linux video guide on our PeerTube channel

In the test repository, the Gentoo 17.1 profile is active by default. During the update, the revision will prepare the system for working with the new profile, update the main packages sys-devel/gcc, sys-devel/binutils, sys-libs/glibc and downgrade the versions of other packages (~150) which will also need to be reinstalled. When the upgrade is complete, the /lib32 directory will be deleted.

Web-IRC chat is working again! You can go to it from the first page of the site or via the link

Fixed a problem with sound in Firefox when using PulseAudio.

User database of has been cleared from bots. Total deleted more than 30 thousand accounts. User logins meet the requirements of , and .

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