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Github has introduced new requirements for connecting to Git remotely. If you see an error message while updating Calculate Linux, run from the console as root:
"sed -i 's/git:/https:/g' /var/db/repos/*/profiles/calculate.env"

The CL will now work fine after installing on SD cards and flash drives. Check the performance by selecting f2fs!

Calculate Linux: A Gentoo-Based Linux Distro Designed for Stability and Fast Server Deployments in Corporate Settings

Meet Calculate Container Games!
Some might have thought that Calculate Linux was being developed for corporate purposes only. Well, it can actually do more than that: here is Calculate Container Games, a new Calculate flavor.
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We finished moving the projects from Gitolite to Gitea. Here's the access link:
You need to go to your profile page on our main site to create your account.

:calculate: The night buils of Calculate Linux include sys-power/acpid. This is designed to enable suspend mode when the laptop cover is closed while the user is not on the session or when the session is locked, thus allowing you to put your computer to sleep whatever its operation status.
You can modify this behavior in /etc/conf.d/acpid.

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